Barbara Ann Fitzpatrick, is Dublin born but has spent last 36 years in UK. She is absolutely passionate about helping small independent business owners, sole traders and solopreneurs to grow their business by attracting more clients and increasing revenues.

Her  senior corporate role was made redundant whilst in  her mid 50’s. And she discovered that being over 50  at least in UK) is considered ‘over the hill’ and she could not get back in at the level she operated at. So she chose  to re-invent herself and has now set up and successfully runs Kindred Business Networking.

She  set up Kindred Business Networking pre the Pandemic in 2020 and during that period  created a safe community where individual business  owners connected, felt supported and experienced the impact lockdown had on the group together.  Often as a small business owner you can feel isolated even in normal times ! The Kindred  community grew close  through shared experiences. She facilitated and led the group to become each others ambassadors and to unconditionally support each other in business growth and engagement.

Kindred  re-launched as a membership organisation in November 2020 just before the second UK lockdown. Members enjoy 121  business coaching  sessions and quarterly workshops that help improve skills and learn processes for success.

She  teaches  heart-centred small business owners how to NETGIVE not NETWORK. It is possible to create business growth without aggressively selling. Barbara is now taking this model back home to Ireland to enable business owners here to connect in a collaborative and supportive way. There are many Networking groups in both UK and Ireland what differentiates Kindred are both the values of Integrity, Collaboration, Engagement, Transparency, Inclusiveness, Support, Kindred Spirits, Openness and Fun. And how she mentors and teaches new skills.

One example of how Kindred has benefited a member is someone who was completely new to Networking, set up his independent Real Estate business in Jan 2020. He joined Kindred and has now grown his business exponentially . “ Kindred is one of the best investments I have made, I am really getting a lot out of it, making friends  as we Network, and we do courses together , what I get back is unbelievable and the connections have helped my business grow” Darren Bartlett

She is now creating new groups throughout both the UK and Ireland  and beyond as a franchise business opportunity so that Kindred can grow into a Global group of successful heart-centred business owners with shared values.

Netgiving is a proven model for success in Kindred. Making time for Netgiving is an investment in your business. The time invested will pay off multiple fold when you choose to Netgive. Barbara has created a Top Tips guide to Business Growth Without Selling. These tips are based on her own many years experience of her own networking as well as founding and running Kindred. You can download these tips here

Barbara will be launching her first Kindred Ireland Group over the summer months and if you are interested in talking to her then you can connect with her.

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